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Announcing PYXL - the Launch of my first iOS Game!

Im very happy to announce that after several months of polishing & procrastination, I have finally released my first iOS game! Developed in my spare time after work, this was a project I originally took on in an effort to sharpen up my programming skills after years of neglect, but eventually it turned into something with a life of its own Full of thumb bending action packed gameplay, PYXL is the story of a baby pixel, born to the land of screens. Just like thousands of other tiny little pixels, he dreamed to one day grow up to be a real life pixel, displaying magic and amazingness to all the humans that watched them.

Its available now for 99c on the appstore I would love if you could buy it, rate it, and share it with your friends! 


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  • I just discovered PYXL, a great iOS game you should definitely check it out! http://bit.ly/19KalVF