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Christopher "moot" Poole of 4chan Presents: The Case for Anonymity Online

Most of us know 4chan as either the forum that you never ever open up at work (due to the pornographic nature of most of its content) or as CNN / Foxnews would make you believe - the mystical back alleys of the internet where hackers collaborate to take over the world.  In this talk at TED - Christopher Poole aka "moot" talks about how he started the 4chan board, their numerous exploits, and particularly highlights some of the amazing things that the 4chan community has been able to accomplish using the power of the internet and anonymity to bring about good in this world (including a particularly touching account of how the 4chan community rallied around the case of a man who posted videos of himself torturing his cat on youtube - the community hunted him down and had him arrested in 24 hours).

Given how our personalities are becoming more permanent and on display on the internet, and how every "social media guru" can never stop talking about branding yourself online - moot offers a very interesting and insightful presentation on the power of being anonymous on the internet.