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The New Home Office!

So heres the full view of my new setup!  It took me a couple of days of desk hunting and probably around two hours to setup - unfortunately i dont have any "before" pictures (which should attest to just how bad the earlier setup was)

The desk is nothing special - just a standard desk that met my size requirements - ill probably have it lowered to the right height eventually.  Im running:

  1. 15" Macbook Pro
  2. 22 Inch LG Widescreen Monitor (W2234S) - got this at the amazing price of approx 120 USD (Which is a steal for Cairo Prices)
  3. Apple Wireless Keyboard
  4. Lexema Wireless Mouse (No name chinese brand, but really cheap and a great fullsize wireless mouse)
  5. Two WD My Books (750 GB and 500 GB)
  6. SimpleTech 350 GB Harddrive
  7. iPhone 4GB (first gen) havent gotten the chance or the $ to upgrage yet
  8. 4.1 Creative Speakers mounted to the wall.
  9. Griffin Laptop Stand
  10. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar
  11. ESP LTD Electric (not shown)

The speaker wall mounts are just screws that I drilled into the wall... but i faced an interesting problem when i hung my speakers on them - whenever the music was loud the speakers (because they were simply hanging free on the screws) would start to vibrate against the wall creating an annoying buzz.  This was solved by using sticky putty as a dampener, stuck around the screw, and beneath the speaker as well.  this solution has worked pretty well so far.  The speakers also double as a hat hanger or cable hangers  when necessary (removed for the sake of this picture)

The lights were totally a chance purchase.  I had been looking for something like these lights for a while (there not clear in the picture, but they are basically translucent glass cylinder with lights within them).  Found them in a back alley shop in Mohandiseen in Cairo (which is where i currently reside i.e. Cairo) for about 10 USD each.

The photos between the speakers are my own, the leftmost is my elder sister at her wedding, the middle is an underwater shot taken at the Blue Hole (In Sinai) and the third is light shining through the clouds on a drive back from Basata (also Sinai).

Now that the setup is complete - all i need to do is stop watching episodes of House, clean up the other half of my room, and get back to work!

Feel free to ask anything else you would like about the setup - im more than happy to share!

Here are some more pictures (Click for larger size):