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Sublime Text 2 Icon

I recently shifted away from Textmate and over to Sublime Text 2 as my primary text editor. Textmate 2 might bring me back, but until then I must admit that the ridiculous speed and awesome UI of Sublime is really winning me over.

The one thing that has bothered me continuously though is that while the overall UI of Sublime is awesome, it has one of the most horrible dock icons I have ever seen (yes I am vain that way). Even the latest version which comes with a dock icon created by iconfactory (whose work I normally am a HUGE fan of) is pretty bad.

So I went off hunting for a new icon, and out of a bunch - I must admit that the icon below is my favorite. You can check out the full thread of icons where I found this if your looking for something else.  Full credit goes to user mediastuttgart as the artist behind the icon.