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Gmail Comes to Social Media, Introducing Gmail Buzz!

So people have been talking about it for a while, but it looks like Gmail has finally decided to break into the social media scene!  I logged into my Gmail account and was presented with the below screenshot.  Obviously i joined, and gmail proceeded to automatically assign me people to follow based on my previous conversation history with them.  

I must say, while this is an interesting move - so far, im a little underwhelmed.  It looks and feels almost exactly like Facebook Status Updates (allowing the addition of links and images), and it also allows my followers to comment, Like, and email my status updates to one another.

What happened to the Google that was on the forefront of technological innovation?  Is this what they have become?  Knocking off already existing and well used ideas?

It should be interesting to see in which direction they move from here, and what value they plan on adding to the social media space.

Posted via email from Salman S. Qadeer