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Blogo: Will this software Make wordpress work for me?

So I just came across this very interesting piece of software, Blogo from the guys over at drinkbrainjuice.com. A desktop Publishing client for Wordpress, the main feature that this client has that has that every other piece of software that iv used has failed before is Custom Fields! I don't know why on earth so many software developers haven't integrated this smoothly into their desktop publishing platforms, because so far any truly interesting theme that iv come across used them - so it seems only natural that a savvy blogger who would use a desktop tool would use them too.

Anyways - this is my first post from Blogo - so far every-things going great - lets hope these custom fields work too :)

Impressive feature 1: It auto retrieved my categories and presented them in a handy drop down list

Impressive feature 2: Awesome little image editing tool