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Twitter.com is Still the Most Popular Twitter Client

As reported on Read Write Web - apparently Twitter.com is still the most popular way that Twitter users interact with the site.  This is particularly surprising to me as most twitter users will attest to the fact that compared to the amount of functionality and the amazing usability that Twitter clients offer - the Twitter website is - to put it in a nutshell... horrible.

But to put the above numbers in perspecitve - below is another graph where it becomes very obvious why these results are they way they are:

Here Twitter.com (in purple) is sixth in the list - indicating very clearly that those individuals who use the service more often immediately tend towards using a Twitter Application as opposed to the website itself.  Further proof towards the fact that the majority of Twitter users are still getting onto the badnwagon - and it has yet to become an integral part of their social media routine.

Do you think these stats are accurate?  I would love to know your opinion - Which Twitter client do you use?  I myself am a huge fan of Tweetie though after today, after looking at these statistics and the major work that has been done on TweetDeck - im tempted to install it again and give it a go.

Posted via email from Salman S. Qadeer