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The Best of the Best Speakers from the Future Of Web Apps

So im a huge fan of the guys over at Carsonified (the guys around the original DropSend, and now behind some absolutely great events).  I think these guys are persuing a really noble cause - bringing great businessmen, engineers and designers working on the internet together and sharing ideas - not to mention - uploading the videos and interviews from their events for those not fortunate enough to be able to be there (such as myself for example ) is what truly provides value to such communities - giving the participants the ability to share their knowledge and experience to a much larger audience.

I love online talks such as these, and i dont think that enough people watch them.  I can confidently say that since i discovered the Carsonified video's, I havent watched a moment of TV!  When I feel like relaxing, I sit down in front of one of these.  Informative yet anything but dry, their totally worth checking out.

Since iv watched just about every video up on their site, I'v selected the best and most informative videos from Carsonified's extensive collection from their various conferences, and listed them below for your personal viewing pleasure.

Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook.com)

Fireside chat with Ryan Carson

Kevin Rose (of Digg.com)

The Future of News

Joe Stump (Lead Architect at Digg.com)

Scaling your Tech Team

Dave Morin

In Search of the Social Web


Unconventional Web Apps

Bret Taylor (of FriendFeed.com)

The Future of your Online Presence

Blaine Cook (of Twitter.com)

How to Build Amazing Web Apps

David Recordon (from SixApart.com)

Blowing Up Social Networks with Open Tech

The complete set of carsonified videos are available on their website, check them out HERE.